Narcosatanicos - S/T LP

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Narcosatanicos - S/T LP
Formed in Aarhus, Denmark in early 2012 by members of Spökraket, Heavy Friends and Hahn Kult, the six-person band is a foray into aspects of psychedelia less traveled within the genre- that of the negative narcotic experience, the paranoia, the frenzied euphoria and the all-consuming bad trip. The band draws on various influences from late 60’s protopunk and krautrock on to more recent genres, of both the heavy and the trippy kind, to create dynamic, percussive walls of sound that both absorb and repulse, with an intense live presence that incorporates multiple guitars, saxophones, vocalists and disturbingly hallucinogenic live visuals, all of which has garnered them a respectable degree of Underground acclaim.

Narcosatanicos have played numerous concerts throughout 2013 and early 2014, from the middle of the woods to festival stages and packed venues. This album is a summation of the songs that were developed during the course of the earliest, warped performances- a raw, 8-song litany of confusion and excess. It is made up of a primitive blend of noise rock, psych, doom, punk and the occasional nod to morbidly sarcastic lyricism and a 1-riff-is-adequate policy.

The record was recorded in late 2012 and mid-2013 by Thomas Mee and Jonathan Højgaard of Sonic Studios and Cable Hell respectively, mixed by Antonius Lovmand and mastered by Jacob Hvitnov. It is being released in anticipation of a slew of summer performances, including one at the legendary Roskilde Festival and multiple support gigs for various international acts.

First 100 LPs on red vinyl, the next 400 LPs on white.