Melting Walkmen "S/T" MRSP11

Melting Walkmen "S/T" MRSP11

Limited 300 copies


Melting Walkmen s/t 7"

Rob seemed to like the Melter's 12", so I figured I'd give this one a shot. Very convincing and dark post-punk moves that can definitely run with the current pack of bands hanging in this cave. I'm thinking they outdo Manikin and could probably pal around with that Iceage band people are talking up on some message boards. Stoic stuff from these Danes, no idea what the song titles are, but they pace these three tracks perfectly, with deft bass-playing, a great watery guitar sound and superior British inflection on the vox for maximum effect. A-Side has two shorter and more lunging Warsaw-like tracks, B-Side has one Cure-like epic ride with a dueling bass/guitar leads and an absolutley desolate driving at night headlit tenacity and an eyeliner-running sad-n-angry outro. Really well done, and sans synthesizer, which I enjoy immensely.(RK)