Fried Egg -  The Incredible Flexible Egg 7"( Flexi)

Fried Egg - The Incredible Flexible Egg 7"( Flexi)

Debut three track disc from FRIED EGG, the latest and greatest hardcore punk offering from Central Virginia. This is a total punk smasher, with a sound rooted in golden era HC punk filtered through modern depression and alienation, executed in just a few minutes. The four brainfried individuals behind FRIED EGG have also done duty in CRETINS and ANIMAL PLANET so the playing here is no slouch -- tight, fast, and to-the-point. The composition of the these tracks shows a bit more depth as well, with screaming guitar leads and fuzzed, walking bass lines jumping out at you, reminiscent of recent groups like Brown Sugar and Wiccans. Have a taste of the EGG and see for yourself. Second pressing of 250 copies with artwork by Lumpy. Fried Egg Ltd. (EGG 01)