Demon & Wizard - Evil Possessor LP

Demon & Wizard - Evil Possessor LP

20 EUR
French Mellow Electronic/Psych/Folk music by two guys going by the names of Ramx and Robb, using only electronics and guitars.Slow motion, atmospheric and deeply psychedelic. The tracks can be divided into 3: those, which are highly synth-based with sequencers, loops and rhythmic ambiences, apparently played only by the Robb guy. Definitely influenced by the 70's electronic masters like Tangerine Dream, Heldon and Flamen Dialis. The other category includes the acoustic pieces, which are very nice. The third and propably the best contains synth-based soundscapes mixed with acoustic and electric guitar qualities and serve the needs of more demading listeners. One of the most highly sought-after French albums originally released on the cult "Le Kiosque d'Orphée" in 1982.

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